Truth be Told: Just be Yourself

 A Little Facebook Inspiration I read this facebook post last year at the same time I was contemplating what my blog would look like and feel like.  Jason’s words inspired the category Truth Be Told, and the essence… Read More

DE Reports: What Does the Year Ahead Hold for You?

I discovered a new birthday practice last year, tried it out and was astonished at how uncannily accurate it was at giving me a glimpse into the year ahead for myself personally.  My story follows, but first I… Read More

Is the pastor talking to me? 

This new blog is so much more than fitness. Cheri reveals her vulnerabilities which are empowering her. Her emotions are raw as she speaks her truth.

What’s a Seeker Anyway?

My mom refers to me as a Seeker.  That used to bother me because I thought that referring to one as a seeker implied that they were lost, and I’ve never felt lost.  Even though she praised me… Read More