Ann Allen
Heal Your Grief-Heal Your Life
Healer, Intuitive, Certified Grief Recovery Specialist, Reiki Practitioner

Recently, I found myself trying to decide if I should go back to school for my master’s degree and pursue another career path. Some choices are clear to see which is the right one, but others can be a little murky. Then I remembered Ann. I had met her at the MBSE last year and got her email address because she had made such an impression on me. I decided to reach out and see if she could help me get clarity on this decision. This is how we met…

At the expo, both Ann and I (not together) were attending a small class learning about pendulums and the instructor opened up the floor for participants to ask questions or to share any insights or messages they were intuiting.  I asked a question to the class and Ann had made an impression on me because she seemed genuine in her ability and bit surprised by it too.  There also seemed to be a sense of urgency in that she had to share with me what she was picking up.   Ann very strongly felt and saw the presence of an angel next to me and she relayed a message to me.  Ann made a comment that maybe she should be sharing more of this gift with others as if she had been ‘hiding her light under a bushel’.   Since Ann had made such a strong connection to my guide/angel, I was intrigued and asked her for her email and if it would be okay if I contacted her at a later date.  Fast forward over a year later, I thought what the heck, so I pulled out Ann’s email. Follows is the interview I conducted a few days after my session with Ann. I am always fascinated by those that have a clear connection to the other side. I hope you enjoy the conversation.

Brandi:  We met at the 2016 Mind Body Spirit Expo last year.  I feel we were drawn there for similar reasons; for me it was mainly curiosity and embracing my true spiritual nature.   Tell me about what brought you to the Expo?

Ann:  Curiosity is always a motivator for me; so yes, that was one reason. Wanting to be stimulated, is another reason I attended. I really love being around “Like-minded” people. I can use the “jargon” and feel comfortable. I can learn new things and new ways!

Brandi:  You have a lovely accent, if I remember correctly – you are from New Zealand?

Ann:  Yes, the accent is New Zealand. I emigrated here in 1992 from Australia, where I had been living for 8 years. I am now proud to call myself a citizen of the United States of America, after completing my naturalization process a couple of years ago. I’m pretty sure I will always have my “accent”, but to be fair, I think you guys are the ones with the accent.

Brandi: Ha-Ha, yeah that makes sense! Congratulations on your citizenship😊

Brandi:  I was amazed that you remembered the details of our brief conversation at the expo over a year ago, but not really though because as we were speaking it seemed as though relaying the message to me was impactful for you too?

Ann: You are correct. It was a very strong message, both visually and audibly for me. I saw and heard things in detail. There was indeed a sense of urgency about it and thank you for listening. I remember it easily and partly because I have never seen such a tall spirit guide, or heard such beautiful singing! Hard to forget 😉

Brandi: Can you tell me the difference between a spirit guide and an angel? My guide or angel has been referred to as both?

Ann: That is a really good question. Here is a great link for you to peruse:

Brandi:  In our recent session, in a life coaching style, you were very good at giving advice in helping me to gain clarity on what I really want to do, but sprinkled in was what you were intuiting from your guides and mine.  Can you explain how you receive messages?  Are they auditory, visual, or just a sense of knowing?

Ann: Visual – I see things such as guides, shapes, colors, places, people who have passed, images or objects (clairvoyant), auditory – I hear words, phrases, sounds (clairaudience), a strong knowing – I just “know” something (claircognizance), physical and emotional states of people and things – I will often get feelings from houses, buildings etc., (clairsentient), empathetic – I can feel person’s, animal’s, place, emotions (clairempathy). They can be all of the above, or just some, or sometimes a “mish-mash”. It somehow makes sense to me. I also use psychometry – reading personal objects and have been known to get some good info from tea leaves.

Brandi: I haven’t had a psychometry reading before. I am always looking for a strong validating sign when I get a reading. Perhaps, psychometry is the next thing I should try!

Ann: I would be happy to do one for you!

Brandi: Thank you! I will keep that in mind😊 I understand that after a long time of keeping your gifts to yourself you have finally decided to pursue healing work, but you also have a day job.  Can you tell me a little bit about your background?

Ann: I am an RN by trade and have been in the medical field for over 40 years. At present, I am an instructor (day job), for Home Care Aides.  I have been told for many years that I am a “Healer”. I have resisted that title for a couple of very good reasons: 1. I didn’t fully believe it (spiritual healing in general) and I didn’t have the faith in myself to call myself one, or think I had “enough” or the right abilities and 2: I had the image of a “Healer” as someone who was “Hippy Dippy” or very “Woo Woo” and wore Birkenstocks and have a flower in their hair (major stereotyping, but you get the point!). I didn’t see myself as either. I just read people, places and things.

Brandi: I can totally relate to the major stereotyping. I am more of an explorer of the metaphysical and I love to share what I learn along the way because I believe there are so many resources out there for people to connect to healing and wholeness, but because of stereotypes people steer clear. It was about 7 years ago when I finally embraced that aspect of myself and it was so liberating! So, what prompted you to pursue alternative healing work?

Ann: When I was at the MBSE, last year, I entered a lecture that had started and the gentleman giving the lecture was saying: “…. step into yourself”. Boy, I had a huge “Ah ha” moment. As some people like to say: “That really resonated with me”. I then went on to partake in other lectures and one of them was Gail Thackery. She was giving a great lecture and was talking about the “natural healers” of the world and pointed to a couple of people in the room and then, with heart-pounding, OMG, yes, she really is pointing to me, moments, I realized, “Hhmmmnnn, maybe I should actually start taking this seriously”. I was speaking to Gail afterwards and asked her if she really meant what she said about me being natural healer and she said “yes” and went on to describe what may happen as I evolve. It was very uplifting, encouraging and totally scary.

Brandi: That could be a whole other conversation! I would love to hear about it sometime. I was at Gail’s lectures too and she pointed to me and said, “You want to be more psychic” along with some other tid bits. She was right, lol! I have good intuition, but I so admire the gifts that you have.

Ann: Well, thank you. I really believe we all have some sort of ESP We are hard-wired as a species, for survival. EG: If you have the hair on the back of your neck stand up on end, when you can’t even necessarily see danger…you get a funny feeling about someone, or something just doesn’t feel “right”…we often shut it down, but deep inside it is a feeling we can’t ignore.

Brandi:  Have you always had the ability to connect to the other side?  At what age did you first experience this ability?

Ann: I really can’t remember. I’m not one of those kids that could “see dead people”. I realize I have always been very perceptive as a child. It probably wasn’t until I was in early adulthood that things started to really make themselves known. I remember forming a friendship with a fellow RN who was very spiritual and things started to awaken and then when I started hanging out with psychic people and went to meetings, things really started to happen. I was mostly scared and started to “shut it all off”. I saw and felt things that I couldn’t control and didn’t know what to do with them.

Brandi: That sounds like a friend of mine. She’s always freaked out by her strong intuition/knowing. I think she should embrace it and encourage it, lol! Any resources you would recommend?

Ann: I would encourage anyone who feels they need some guidance to start with meditation and ask for help – “please help me find”, “show me someone who can help me”…ALWAYS be very careful how you ask for something. BE VERY SPECIFIC about what you want – boy I learned that the hard way J When you are sincere and it is for the good of all concerned, things will be made known to you, or you will meet someone, find an article in a magazine, that may lead you to something else, etc..

Brandi:  I’m assuming you can’t really shut it off?

Ann:   Actually, I do. I think the only way I can explain it is that I am always aware, the same way a mother is always listening with “one ear”, for her baby that may need attention and then when she is with the baby, she gives it full attention. If I am alerted, I give my full attention.

Brandi:  Is it just as easy for you to receive messages for yourself or is it easier to give messages to others?

Ann: It really depends on the day and the situation.

Brandi: That makes sense. Do you ever receive messages for someone that you know you are not supposed to pass along?

Ann: That has not occurred at any time, to date. I have had messages for people and very cautiously approached them to see if they are open to hearing what I have to say. Obviously, I need to be very careful how I approach and what I say.

Brandi:  Are some people just harder to read?

Ann: If people want to be read, they allow themselves to be open to it; that has been my experience. I would never try to read someone other than whatever I am picking up from them. That would be intrusive and disrespectful, in my opinion.

Brandi:  I can attest to that –  I felt very respected by you during my reading and there was no sense of intrusion.  Tell me about the new business you are getting ready to launch and the types of healing work you will be doing?

Ann: Heal your Grief – Heal your Life: I help people find that place within themselves, that they need to come to terms with and support them while they find a way/place they can live with and feel comfortable with in their own skin, using modalities such as Grief Recovery (Grief Recovery Specialist), Reiki (In June I will be taking level 3 of Reiki – Reiki Master), intuitive coaching, readings, as they may need. No one size fits all. We all have different needs and therefore different ways of getting to where we need to go, therefore I am also building a referral system of other practitioners; e.g.: massage therapists, acupuncturists etc…so my clients feel as though they have options. These practitioners will be strongly vetted so I feel comfortable with the referrals.

I see a healer/reader/life coach etc., as someone who has a great deal of responsibility to the client and it should be honored and taken seriously. It is a very intimate  and vulnerable time for them when you are connecting with someone in such a manner. You may see, hear or know things that are very personal  or private. Everything any of my clients say to me or anything I see or hear for them, is held in strict confidence.

Brandi: I felt that coming from you. You have a very calming, compassionate presence that will make your clients feel at ease

Ann: Thank you. I appreciate that.

Brandi:  Your Welcome! Now for my last question: For me, sometimes following this path can feel like I don’t really fit in with the mainstream or the metaphysical types. What advice would you give to others who might feel this same way?

Ann: I love this question, because I was so ignorant of the fact that there is so much difference between us all. That may sound silly, but it is true. Just because you are metaphysically minded, or spiritual or whatever else you may call yourself, we don’t fit into a mold. Yes, there are definitely similarities between us, but we all have different ways of doing and “being”. We all drive different cars to get to the game.

More and more people started to ask me: “are you intuitive or sensitive”? When I finally had the courage to tell people: “I am a healer”, or “yes, I hear and see things”; when I finally owned who and what I am, I actually felt a sense of relief, peace and a stronger sense of self. People and family always knew I was different than them and probably thought/think I am crazy. I have always had a rebellious nature, so I am different and will do things differently to mainstream, no matter what that mainstream may look like. Own it – be who you are. “Come out” to the world and you won’t be so scared. Be true to your own way and being! (One of the Reiki precepts I live by!)

Brandi: I love that- it totally resonates with me and is the reason why I blog! Thank you Ann for this insightful interview. I am honored to share your gifts with the readers. I wish you the best in your new venture: Heal your Grief – Heal your Life.

Ann is located in Vancouver, WA  and can be reached by phone at 360.721.3433 or email at if you would like to set up an appointment.  I will update as Ann launches her business website.

Yours Truly,


12 Comments on “DE Reports: Interview with Ann Allen of Heal Your Grief – Heal Your Life

  1. Thanks for sharing the interview with Ann. So many intuitive skill, that is fascinating. Also, the story where she saw your angel is touching.

    I was just wondering, you said once that you wanted to be on tv and had made a video once in order to apply for a show (- I hope I remember this correctly?). I just thought after this interview whether you would want to do something like Ian McNay from or like Oprah? Just an idea. And while I was wondering whether I should tell you, about 7 magpies arrived in front of my kitchen window and made a hell a lot of noise, I guess that meant something like ‘voice it’. So, just an idea. Maybe it resonates, maybe not.
    I wish you all the best for finding guidance for your questions.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Karin. Now I will be looking up the symbolism for magpies, lol! I actually haven’t heard of Ian McNay. I’ll look him up too! And yes you remembered correctly:-). A TV show would be great, not sure I would want to interviews though. I would like to show more of the experiences as they unfold as I explore the metaphysical world. Thank you so much for sharing and for reading ❤️

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  2. Oh no, I managed to mess up the comment you left on my site again again. D’oh. In regards to thinking about becoming a therapist, the amount of time it would take scares me too. How old would I be when I finished? But it would be really nice to have a career that is professionally respected by all the mainstream folks.

    There is a blogger on here who decided to get her MSW and wrote about the whole process at her blog “” you might be interested in checking that out. Since she is getting started in her career at this point she decided to start another blog “”. She has some woo woo interests too. Just in case you haven’t come across her site yet.

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  3. Wow, what a great interview! I’m so happy I found your blog, I have a feeling I’m going to enjoy your thoughts and experiences very much. I really enjoyed all the conversation you and Ann shared, and surprisingly this post came to me at the perfect time. Thank you for sharing, and I hope your life aligns itself clearly!

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  4. Hi Brandi – yes I am a dork, but just FYI – I unfollowed and refollowed your blog so that it would appear on the list of blogs I follow on my site. It was too far down on the list to appear apparently since I followed it so long ago. I always want to promote bloggers who read and comment on my bloggie blog of course. 🙂

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  5. Hi, Brandi. I read this post and my Heart jumped for JOY because I just found another Empathic Healer (that is what I go by). Right now my world has crashed and burned having experienced 3 huge deaths in less then 3 months so my ability to “plug in” is just not there … my emotions are getting in the way. I’m just so excited to have seen your comment over at my blog and came here, read your post, and followed you. I’m a lot older then you are and just lately am meeting like-minded people who mirror me. That is HUGE for me. YES!! I’ve been “alone” for SO long! ❤

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    • Welcome AmyRose. There is that part of us that is ageless and eternal and on matters of authenticity knows no age:-) I was 35 when I started becoming more open with my self expression. I suppose my generation has been more open than yours to freedom of expression and the generation after mine even more accepting. My wish is that eventually we will all feel free to authentically express ourselves rather than burying our true nature in order to fit in and in the process lose a little bit of ourselves and feel “alone”. But more importantly in this moment~I am deeply sorry for your losses in such a short period of time. Even though we understand there is a process for grieving and that we just have to allow it to come in and go in the waves that it will, doesn’t make it any easier. I wish you strength and peace during this sad time ❤ ~Brandi

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