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Q:  How do you want people to remember how you made them feel after you are gone?

A:  In my presence, I hope people feel that they matter, that they are truly seen and heard.

~Brandi Helligso


What is my Purpose?

grassWhat is my purpose?  In a word, authenticity.  I was born wired to explore spirituality with a desire to communicate and share what I learn along the way.   As it turns out though, many of the thoughts I ponder don’t have a place in normal everyday conversations, but I still need to honor my desire to express myself.  It is important.  After hiding that aspect of myself for years I began to realize that my purpose is to be true to myself.  It’s been about five years since I stopped hiding the books I was reading or holding back my thoughts in conversation for fear of not being understood, or looked at funny. Read More

Who Am I? Who Are You?

When Oprah Winfrey visited India and spent time with Deepak Chopra, he asked her, “Who are you?”  Oprah said that she knew he wanted to know who she was beneath all of the titles and roles she plays.  This was a very deep and profound question.  Oprah said it took her three days to answer the question.  Read More

Why Are We Here?

Isn’t that the million dollar question?  As I ‘ve stated before I believe we are spiritual beings having a human experience.  With that being said, I think we are here to learn, to evolve as soul; that Earth is more of a school where we are tested and challenged to grow.  I think our lesson is three-fold:  We come here to find our faith, find our purpose, and understand our karmic lesson. Read More


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