Serenity Prayer…


Truth Be Told: Why I Blog

Why do I blog?  Truth be told – because what I really set out to do five years ago hasn’t come to pass.  It’s okay though, because I’ve learned so much along the way about myself and life… Read More

The Music Room: Headlights ft. Nate Ruess – Eminem

Okay, I am still on this kick about apologies and forgiveness, but this will be the last post on the topic for awhile 🙂 Say what you want about Eminem, but this guy brings it, right or wrong, when… Read More

A man should…

“A man should never be ashamed to own he has been in the wrong, which is but saying, in other words, that he is wiser today than he was yesterday.” -Alexander Pope

How Often Do You Say, “Sorry” ?

‘Golden Tongue Wisdom’ – This is a  phrase my mother uses to describe the moment when you receive an important message from someone at just the right time for you unbeknownst to the messenger.  Follows is some golden tongue wisdom I… Read More

Meet n Greet!

I’ve found some really cool blogs through this meet and greet. So I thought I would participate in the reblogging and see where it leads!

To err is…

“To err is human; to forgive, divine.” -Alexander Pope

The Music Room: One Republic – Apologize

This song is obviously about betrayal, but giving and receiving apologies in many contexts can be just as painful.  Even though the lyrics say,  “it’s too late to apologize” the song says to me that the singer is… Read More

Is the pastor talking to me? 

This new blog is so much more than fitness. Cheri reveals her vulnerabilities which are empowering her. Her emotions are raw as she speaks her truth.

The world has…

“The world has so many lessons to teach you.  I consider the world, our earth, to be like a school , and our life, the classrooms.  Sometimes on our planet life school, the lessons often come dressed up… Read More

The Music Room: Simple Man, Lynrd Skynrd/Shinedown

 Happy Birthday Brandon! Love, Mom This song is dedicated to my son, Brandon on his 11th birthday.  There is such truth in the lyrics.  This is some of the best guidance I could give as a parent.  My… Read More

We don’t let…

“We don’t let go into trust until we’ve exhausted our ego’s.” -Rob Lehman

Desires: Ego vs. Soul

I’ve learned how to distinguish who is running the show when it comes to pursuing a passion.  Ego pursuits and soul pursuits often begin in much the same way with the initial spark of inspiration and excitement.  It isn’t… Read More