I met Jennie when I first started my blog.  I found her to be very insightful and I really enjoy her direct approach in her view of life.  We became friends through our mutual blogs and I thought it would be interesting to see her work in action.  Follows is an interview I did with Jennie, followed up with an actual reading she conducted for me.  Please feel free to comment, I am sure Jennie would be happy to answer any questions.  I have included links throughout this post to connect you to Jennie and the references made.  Enjoy!

Interview with a Healer: Jennie Williams

Brandi: You are a Healer, what exactly does that mean? What would you like the readers to know about you and your process?

Jennie: How amazing? Someone wants to interview me! I guess as a healer one of the biggest things I recognize and want to teach others is that we heal by relationship. And right here is a good example. Brandi, as you give me this sort of amazing recognition I don’t know what I feel! I don’t know if I am hot or cold – whether I want to protect myself from being seen or reveal myself. My diaphragm is tight and so are my shoulders as I write this. I have waited so long for some recognition and now I have some, the good feelings are rattling the patterns of grief in me at feeling completely unrecognized and misunderstood. Once the patterns have been rattled I know the next stage is that they will shift. It is like having a bottle of dirty water and pouring in clean water in until there is no longer any dirty water left in the bottle.

Brandi: I love your analogies! Of course I want to interview you. I am intrigued by what you have to offer and want to learn more! So you can read energy, do you do energy work too, or just counsel based on what you see?

Jennie: Yes, I can read energy in people in person or in photographs or on television and also in environments. I use it making daily decisions in my own life but it has taken me a long time to trust what I know. For instance if I need to work with a therapist or a dentist I will check out their picture first! And I will check out a picture of the environment we will be working in if that is possible. Or I could use it when choosing a school for my child or a B & B . . . anyway enough of that!

 I have worked with my hands doing reiki, shiatsu, working with crystals and chakras. This was a journey God took me on about 13 years ago. I worked with people and we felt changes happen, sometimes quite dramatically and I made records of the changes. I found that when people returned, a significant change had not taken place or lasted. I felt that working with people’s energy wasn’t enough. Somehow I needed to be working with the whole person. So I started to counsel people but I felt a strange feeling of being too much pulled into their world and their issues and struggling to find a way out. Then I started doing energy readings of what I saw in people’s bodies and drawing little charts for them. This made me feel sort of powerful but something still wasn’t right. Some people seemed overwhelmed by what I told them, others just wanted the diagnosis, others were disappointed because I didn’t have a quick fix and some just came to test me. At this point I felt I needed more than just being able to diagnose. I needed to be able to give people a healing experience. I can’t remember why I started looking at books on dreams but suddenly I felt drawn to buy a book called ‘Become the Dream – The Transforming Power of Hypnotic Dreamwork’ by Randal Churchill and I was transfixed by what I read. Randall was using people’s dreams as a basis for a similar work I do with the body areas. I knew I had found a way to help people actually have an experience of healing whilst in a session with me. I hoped this would give them the know-how and confidence to start to work in this way by themselves too.

Brandi: What a gift you have! I think a lot of people will be able to relate to taking a long time to trust what they know. I’ve learned through my own observations that whether somebody is going to a healer or a traditional doctor their response is probably the same. I don’t think there are any quick fixes and if it appears to be a quick fix most likely it is temporary.   I agree with you on the dream part. I journal significant dreams because I know they mean something that I need to understand to have more clarity in my waking life.

Brandi: Okay, on to the next question. Would you be able to look at that same picture I sent to you one year from now and see a shift, or is the energy image that you see captured at the time of the photograph?


Jennie: This is a very interesting one. I used to look at photographs of myself as a child and see deep disconnection with myself and find this quite disturbing. Then years later as I have healed I have looked at the photographs again and still seen the disconnection but I have also seen a something else – maybe a deeper sense of safety that we all have but some of us struggle to feel. I have also looked at photographs of me at the same age in different situations and seen my energy as quite different. So I think I see energy in layers. I see the deep connection we all have, deep disconnection some of us have and momentary disconnection that we experience when we feel compromised in being true to ourselves. Also I have a very strong sense of who the person really is. It is as if I can see through the layers to the person’s core.

Brandi, I don’t feel I’ve really answered your question! Usually I need an up-dated picture to be able to give new insight.

Brandi: You’ve answered it very thoroughly. For best results send a new picture! Well, this concludes the interview portion. I am excited to see what my photos will reveal to you. Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions, and allowing me to share your gift.

You can reach Jennie Williams online here for further information or to schedule your own reading and/or healing sessions.

My Energy Reading with Healer, Jennie Williams

imageIn order have Jennie read my energy I emailed her this photograph, definitely not a glamour shot! She needed a full body shot both front and back. Here is what she had to say about me, nothing has been left out.

Jennie: What I see is this. You have felt the need to be a very strong person – the need to be able to cope and stand firm. Your feet are rooted but there is an appearance of inflexibility in both your feet and legs as if you have had to stand so firm that now you are afraid to move.

Brandi: All of that sounds about right, except the afraid part, maybe too rigid to move would be better, ha-ha! My childhood was a bit unstable, but I was loved. In my adult life I’ve stood firm in my decisions regarding work life balance and that at times has caused conflict, both with employers and at home. I am feeling that I have stood firm, but now I’ve made my case and I am now able to loosen up. I no longer have to stand my ground as everybody knows where I stand. Maybe the energy patterns take a while to catch up?

Jennie: I’m not sure. I think when energy changes it changes. It’s more likely that there is a missing piece.

Brandi: A missing piece? I hadn’t thought of that.  Could be,

Jennie: Because of this lack of flexibility it is hard for you embrace your creativity, stay in your power, feel fully satisfied, be as open-hearted as you want and fully speak your truth.

Brandi: I am working on it. My blog has helped a lot. Maybe that is related to the missing piece.

Jennie: Your arms and hands appear to be disconnected from your power, heart and voice but there appears a lot of energy in your hands. The areas in your back aren’t showing up to me but the energy of your head is strong but disconnected to the rest of you.

Brandi: I wonder if the area of the back isn’t showing up because I have been seeing a chiropractor and massage therapist for months regarding a knot on my back that is slightly pulling my spine out of alignment. Maybe it isn’t being shown because it is a work in progress, or going through transformation?

Jennie: Possibly. I never know why certain areas don’t show up on certain day. In some ways this convinces me that I see what God wants me to see rather than seeing a sort of energy matrix.

Jennie: So I am seeing strong energy in your head, feet and hands but lack of energy and connection between these areas. I find this an unusual picture because more often people hide their energy somewhere in their core preventing their energy from flowing into their limbs and head. You appear to be managing to project your energy outward whilst being quite low in energy at your core. You core is low because of your inflexibility and feeling that you need to stand so firm. 

Brandi: I’ve really worked on letting go, and as a matter of fact people always see me as calm, cool, and collected. I do stand firm when it matters but I also know when to go with the flow. I think those that know me would agree.  I thought I was pretty good about dropping my guard.

Jennie: But how do you experience yourself? Lots of people think I am cool, calm and collected!! Another thought is ‘Do you really let out your whirl-wind energy? This is a powerful form of letting go. It blows ‘cool, calm and collected’ out of the window! This is raw, human, feisty, female energy! So ‘standing firm’ is a type of letting go – it is not the opposite. The letting go is simply trusting yourself, others and God in the moment.

Brandi: I experience myself as controlled I suppose, and every once in a while I get the urge to cut loose, and so I do. It usually involves live/loud music, a crowd and dancing 😉 Or I love experiencing exciting activities like the glider ride I did for my birthday. You’ve given me some food for thought here.

Brandi: So my energy is projecting out, but I am internally depleted? What do the areas of the hands, feet and head relate to or represent? Does the core represent the power, heart and voice you speak of? If so, are you saying that perhaps my guard is too high, and letting it down may help with the energy flow through my core, connecting all of the areas, therefore increasing my personal satisfaction? Maybe I am getting in my own way!

Jennie: The head is about identity, the feet are about being rooted in the right place and the hands are about connecting with others and the world. I think we can experience these things whilst still feeling weak at our core. I feel similar at the moment. I wonder if we heal from the inside out and the outside in when we start to work with our heart and ability to receive etc. This always feels like the starting place with healing. Then as we keep working the balance keeps changing. Sometimes we are working from the inside out and sometimes the outside in. I know at times I have had a lot of relationship and input into my healing and at times I have known that I have had to work mostly by myself. If we are to really realize our significance and value then we need to let in what we need as much as letting out who we are. If we have felt threatened at a core level and have a big sense of purpose we are going to find it hard to let in the degree of praise and recognition that we need in order to heal. However we need to let it in to be able to realize our calling or purpose. This may explain more clearly what I see. We can only drop our guard as we heal and feel a greater and greater sense of value.

Brandi: Okay, so I have a strong sense of identity, I have a strong foundation in what matters and I am able to connect easily with others in the world. I think I am good at putting myself out there as you see in my energy. That feels right. Also, what you said about healing from the inside out in the beginning of the process. I have been doing so much internal work for what seems like so long. I’m feeling pretty vibrant now and operating from a sense of awareness that I didn’t have before. Maybe that is the outside in process I am going through and why my core is weak, I am working to fill it back up now. What you said about having a strong sense of purpose and being able to let in the recognition to find a greater sense of value really resonates. Yeah, I could work on that.

Jennie: I have more insight for you. Do you ever get a feeling of tightness or pain in your sacrum area? This is an area we tighten up which seems to affect our core. I believe it has something to do with the psoas muscle. Tightening this muscle is a reaction we learn very young when we feel our security is threatened and it is difficult to unlearn. It can cause a tight feeling in leg muscles as well.  Also tightening your sacrum and psoas can affect your lower, middle and upper back and have a knock on effect in your neck. Tightening in the neck causes poor energy flow in our upper body and down our arms. The psoas muscle is the deepest in the body. 

Brandi: I can’t believe you just said that! I only learned about the psoas muscle about 6 months ago. I have felt it on my left side for years and always thought I was having a hernia or something. I first noticed it in childbirth 11 years ago. I had a light epidural but could definitely feel the pain of the tight psoas muscle as much as the pain of birth. So yes, I have had tightness in my sacrum over the years, and as a matter of fact I have been visiting a chiropractor for about 5 months now. I started seeing him for a low back issue on my left side, but it turns out he was more concerned with a knot on my upper back, which was pulling my spine out of alignment. I wasn’t even aware that I had a problem. Since he has been working on it along with a massage therapist I’ve definitely been aware of it now! I remember specifically waking up one morning 2.5 years ago with a kinked neck. I assumed I had slept wrong but it never went away, supposedly it’s all connected.

I can relate with feeling my security was threatened as a child. My mom had me very young, my dad was gone a lot, we moved a lot. I often felt that my mom was vulnerable, that she carried a sense of fear about her and it made me uneasy. I knew young that I needed to take care of myself, but as a child, you yourself are vulnerable too. I craved more stability for sure. I have that now 🙂 By the way, in your book, Patterns in Your Body, I read about the area where the knot in my back is and I learned that it correlated to self-protection. That was a revelation for me, as I was able to make the mind body connection which I think is helping me break through. I learned that if I am self-protecting I am not open to receive.

Jennie: We can certainly carry things for our parents and other members of our families. When we resolve the things that have affected us we often heal rifts or issues in our family as well.

Brandi: Jennie, thank you so much for your insight. This was really fun.

Jennie: Healing is like finding pieces to a jigsaw puzzle and we do this by working with ourselves, our relationship with others and talking to God. I can’t believe the different places where I have found healing and where someone has put in a missing piece. My dentist teaches me about trust and empathy, a man I designed a kitchen with once taught me about valuing my own opinions and tastes. We didn’t even end up buying the kitchen! My osteopath listens to my words and heals me as much by hearing me as she does by working with my body. Social workers, medical professionals and therapists have both been people to stir and challenge everything I stand for and at times healing balm to soothe the wounds made by their predecessors! I even found myself in a solicitor’s office the other day actually talking about the importance of being my authentic self! I don’t miss a trick when it comes to relationship! And Brandi, you are like healing balm, like oil being poured on my head (to be a bit scriptural!) It pours all the way down to my toes, cleanses me and makes me feel more whole!

Brandi: Wow! Thank you for that and your friendship. I am going to take your advice and receive your kind praise, but I have to admit though it feels great, I am having difficulty really believing that I could have that effect. I suppose I need to work on being more open to receiving. It’s that darn self-protecting I am so used toJ See, look what I have learned from you! Thank you for helping me find a few pieces to my jigsaw puzzle.

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  1. Sincerely, Brandi. THANK YOU! For the links, for the insight, for the reveal of yourself. Sending you as much positive energy I can. (I wonder how far it travels…) Going to check out Jennie now ☺

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