What is my Purpose?

grassWhat is my purpose?  In a word, authenticity.  I was born wired to explore spirituality with a desire to communicate and share what I learn along the way.   As it turns out though, many of the thoughts I ponder don’t have a place in normal everyday conversations, but I still need to honor my desire to express myself.  It is important.  After hiding that aspect of myself for years I began to realize that my purpose is to be true to myself.  It’s been about five years since I stopped hiding the books I was reading or holding back my thoughts in conversation for fear of not being understood, or looked at funny.

Discovering one’s purpose can be a daunting task because we often deny what lights us up, what motivates us or inspires us because it doesn’t pay the bills, or isn’t appreciated by those around us.  You can’t find your purpose in another being as much as another may light you up, motivate, or inspire you.  Purpose is an individual expression that is unique to you.  Oh, and by the way, purpose is progressive and evolves over time.  What our purpose is at ten years old may not be the same at fifty years old, though it may have an underlying theme that eventually culminates into the identifiable purpose everyone talks about. Your purpose doesn’t have to be grand for the world stage, it just has to be authentic and in practice, it may be ordinary, but once you acknowledge it, you will find contentedness.

For me, I pursued my interest and curiosity in spirituality and combined it with my childhood dream of being a television newscaster.  I came up with a television show concept titled Destination Enlightenment that I pursued.  It hasn’t quite worked out (as of yet 🙂 ), more on that later…  I plan on posting an entry titled “Why I Blog” that will explain more.

My point is,  I embraced what inspires me and in doing so allowed myself to be authentic in my everyday life.   The television platform allows one to reach many people, but perhaps I am only meant to engage with those within my immediate environment.  Launching Destination Enlightenment is my way of being true to me and allowing my ego (personality) to serve my soul (authentic self).  As I like to say, it helps me to bridge the gap between the human experience and who I really am.

Yours Truly,


7 Comments on “What is my Purpose?

  1. Good luck on the show, nice idea! It’s wonderful that you have embraced who you are and your inspirations, many people never do that! I will look forward to more insights!


  2. I heavily believe that the universe has a way of providing us with what we need, wether we realize it or not. T.V. is a great platform, but being able to slow down long enough to read has it’s benefits. It requires a bit of concentration, an emptying of all other thoughts for a short period of time. When I watch t.v. I switch channels often, always looking for something more entertaining. I don’t do that when I read. (Just a thought) great post. I am glad I found you ☺


    • Thank you. However, what I like about television is that it can be a passive medium. Sometimes I stumble upon something outside of my normal search and I am then introduced to a new concept. I was introduced to the I Ching by accident while watching a segment from a show that was on the History channel. I’ve been using the I ching since 2009 as a result. I have a post today titled: Truth be Told: Why I Blog. It may shed more light on my thoughts with that in relation to this current post. I suppose I look at the television as a platform to get an introduction of many ideas at once and then

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    • Agreed! But the people I would like to reach may not slow down long enough to seek out what to read:-). Television is a passive platform, for example in 2009 I was folding laundry. I was watching the History channel and a segment of a show I was watching mentioned the I Ching. I was intrigued enough to go research and as a result I have been using it ever since. I wasn’t seeking it out, but because the television was on in the background I discovered a very valuable tool to explore when I had the time to slow down later:-). Great comment. Thank you for starting the conversation. My post today will reveal more – it’s titled: Truth be Told: Why I Blog.

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      • I have to admit I am biased because I haven’t watched any television in ages. But you are absolutely right. Sometimes all it takes is a shimmer of an idea, something that can be on purely for background noise, for that idea to go to seed. It may not take root right away, but it is there, and it has the potential to grow. Great point. Great conversation ☺

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