A Little Facebook Inspiration


I read this facebook post last year at the same time I was contemplating what my blog would look like and feel like.  Jason’s words inspired the category Truth Be Told, and the essence of my blog, which is to be your truest authentic self and share it with the world even if it causes you ridicule because eventually when you embrace who you were uniquely made to be, the vulnerability in sharing your true-self with the world eventually turns into empowerment.  Only when we get real with ourselves and share it with those around us can we fully come into ourselves.

I love how in the end he states that even the so called insults, and name calling are not insults at all because he is proud of who he is.  As a matter of fact, he is in a sense, unoffendable.  It is in the acceptance of oneself that eventually leads to the confidence Jason displays in his facebook post.  Only when you love yourself and accept yourself can you live freely.

It is a big step sharing with the world who you really are, what you really care about, what your preferences are, and not everybody will agree with you or like what you like.  Only when you stop living for the expectations of others and living out loud from your heart can you shake off opposing views.  Revealing who you really are isn’t an easy feat; rejection is a major possibility, but the freedom in living your truth will eventually lead you to become proud, confident, empowered and perhaps even unoffendable.

Thank you Jason Henderson Amare 🙂


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