I’ve always wanted to get an Aura Photograph, which is an image of the electromagnetic field that surrounds an individuals body. image A specialty camera measures the vibrations of that energy field and then translates it into a color image which can be interpreted and is unique to each individual (you can read more about it here).  I finally got mine at the Mind, Body, Spirit Expo in Portland last weekend.

Judy Lekic of Alternative Changes  took the photograph and gave a two minute interpretation of what she saw.  I’ve attached the image, however it is a picture of a photo so there is a glare and the clarity is not as vibrant as the original, but none the less, you’ll get the idea as you listen along:-)

Yours Truly,

~Brandi Helligso

4 Comments on “DE Reports: Aura Photogragh

    • Thanks Linda! You would know since you recently did an astrology reading for me;-) The only part I didn’t feel resonated was the control part. I mean I am organized and I do like structure, but I feel I have really gotten better at surrender. So I suppose it is a matter of semantics:-) Thanks for stopping by Linda.

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