When Oprah Winfrey visited India and spent time with Deepak Chopra, he asked her, “Who are you?”  Oprah said that she knew he wanted to know who she was beneath all of the titles and roles she plays.  This was a very deep and profound question.  Oprah said it took her three days to answer the question.  She didn’t give her response on that episode of Super Soul Sunday, but I was intrigued to answer the question for myself.

I knew it would take some time to come up with an answer so I approached it in a very laid back manner.  I knew that if I tried to contemplate, or think on it too hard the answer wouldn’t come.  So I decided to let the question rest in the back of my mind, always there, trusting that the answer would present itself when the time was right.

It took one week, and on 5/30/2012 it came to me so clearly that I didn’t second guess it.  I knew it to be true for me.  I also knew it to be true for others and that there are many answers to the question at hand.  Here is my answer…

“I am a unique expression of God through which he gets to experience one human perspective.”

So now I ask you, “Who are you?”

Yours Truly,


6 Comments on “Who Am I? Who Are You?

  1. You get me thinking! I think if I was to say the above I would feel that I was hiding.By being bold in saying who we are more specifically, we are being more vulnerable but within that combination of boldness and vulnerability lies our power.


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  3. I remember last summer, I was on vacation with my boyfriend of 4 years, and his father asked me “Who are you? What are you like?”. He encouraged me to put it into one sentence. I was very caught off guard, and didn’t know how to answer the question then. I thought it over for a few weeks, and at a certain point, I came to a conclusion similar to yours. It’s funny that we as people can always be changing, yet who we are at the core can be relatively stable, almost to the point that it seems hidden.

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    • No doubt! Because our view or perspective changes over time, sometimes we have to remind ourselves of who we really are, but that can only be done if we know the answer. And as you and I both know it takes some time to figure it out, but once you know it there’s no going back❤️. Nice to meet you Elayne😊

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