The Music Room: The Dance, Garth Brooks

This song is often referenced when dealing with the loss of a loved one, but of course I have my spin on the meaning.  I too think of those that have passed on when I listen to The Dance, but on a personal level this song speaks to me as the relationship we have between this life and our soul.

We don’t  know how life will play out.  We get curve balls thrown at us, adversities to work through and suffering to deal with.  We have moments of overwhelming joy and love, peace and gratitude.  When we are living our best lives we will experience all of this and if we knew how life would unfold we might avoid the choices that ultimately bring us our greatest pain, but at the cost of our greatest joy too.  I’m guilty of wanting to know how everything will work out, but because I know I would probably choose the path of least resistance I’m cool with not knowing and leaving it to chance.



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