The Reading Room: The Book of Awakening – Mark Nepo

9781573245388The Book of Awakening was given to me as a gift at the just the perfect time as it is what I am currently reading as I begin this blog.

The title and subtitle alone are deeply profound and convey the internal process/work I’ve been tending to for years.  Mark Nepo gives meaningful insights in small doses , but with so much depth.   Mark has given me the clarity to articulate abstract feelings I’ve had in regards to my own spiritual journey.  He’s brought me back to areas I’ve worked through to show me how far I’ve come.  He’s encouraged me through his writing to continue doing the work.  Though I would do the work regardless, it is nice to know that someone else as wise as Mark has been there too.  Awakening is an unfolding that continues for a lifetime.

This is a good read for those looking for topics to meditate, contemplate, or reflect upon.  I would recommend this book to anyone ready to go within to begin peeling back the layers of armor that get built up over the years that shield us from being our true selves.

This is a book you read for inspiration and clarity in small bits.  Though it is meant for daily reading (one passage per day) I read it in small batches and stop when something deeply resonates with me.  I know when it is time to go back for more!  This is one of those books that I will come back to again and again because different passages will have more meaning than others depending on where I am in my life.



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