Destination Enlightenment is set up to be read either chronologically or by category.  To read all posts in order just click the Blog menu item.  If you prefer to read by category select the category from the drop down Blog menu.  The following categories are summarized below:

  • DE Philosophy – This category is best summed up by referring to it as my Op-Ed on life in general.
  • DE Reports – These are the posts that include the places, practices, workshops, retreats and teachings that I would like to experience, have experienced or would like to explore further .  A spiritual/metaphysical bucket list if you will.
  • The Music Room – I love how music can convey a powerful message in just four minutes.  In the music room I will share the music that has resonated deeply with me, kept me thinking or feeling long after the song is over.  This is where I give my interpretation of what I perceive the song meaning to be.
  • The Reading Room – Here you will find the books that have created a paradigm shift for me at some point along the way, or have given me the foundation for my own personal philosophy.  This isn’t a typical book review.  I write about the authors as I would speak about an admired teacher or respected mentor.
  • The Big Questions – On Super Soul Sunday on the OWN network, Oprah Winfrey closes the show by asking her guests ‘The Big Questions’.  This is where I attempt to answer these questions for myself.
  • Truth Be Told – This category will highlight re-posts of others I find being true to themselves even when it comes at a personal cost.
  • Quotes – This is pretty self explanatory.   Inspiring quotes found in this category. I usually bookend a post with a quote that resonates with the message.

If you come across something you think I would be interested in or have any questions for me just head over to the contact page and send me a note. I’d love to hear from you.

Comments are always welcomed and appreciated.  It lets me know someone is reading.  Thanks for stopping by.

Yours Truly,

Brandi Helligso

5 Comments on “The DE Guide: An Introduction

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  4. Hello Beaver alum! I went to OSU and U of O so I think I am a duck-billed platypus. 😉

    It is good to see another Oregonian on the spiritual path. 🙂

    – Jacqueline (currently living in greater Portland area)


    • Hi there Jacqueline! So nice to make your acquaintance. I found you over at the Visionaries Will Prevail blog, and you piqued my interest with your insightful comments. I look forward to reading your blog. So cool , were both in Oregon!

      Liked by 1 person

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