The Music Room: Headlights ft. Nate Ruess – Eminem

Okay, I am still on this kick about apologies and forgiveness, but this will be the last post on the topic for awhile 🙂

Say what you want about Eminem, but this guy brings it, right or wrong, when it comes to authentic self-expression.  There is no denying the rawness and intensity in his art.  He is an autobiographical rap genius and lays it all out there bare for everyone to witness.

I love this song because Marshall Mathers owns up to his anger towards his mom and is no longer justifying it, but apologizes for his past behaviors and he finally sees how his anger toward her is just as toxic to himself.  He is finally able to forgive her, which does not mean he condones her past actions, but rather has compassion for her.  He’s able to release the past into the past.  I admire the maturity of what this song represents, and also respect the time that it took to arrive at this place of forgiveness and perspective.


P.S.  Explicit language warning.  It is Marshall Mathers after all 🙂

There is a lot said in this song so here is a lyrics video:

Official Music Video:

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